Southland Participatory Mapping Results

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   About this website
About the study Approximately 270 residents and vistors to the Southland Region mapped their conservation values, experiences, and development preferences in a study completed in February 2011. The data presented on this website represents their collective responses. Participant mapped locations were analyzed to create density "hotspots" or high concentrations of mapped locations. Data layers can be displayed by selecting the "View Layers" drop-down menu.
Data layers Aesthetic/scenic value: areas of significant scenic beauty
Recreation value: areas of significant recreation value
Native wildlife value: areas with significant native wildlife present
Native vegetation value: areas with significant native vegetation present
No development: areas that should be protected from future development
Natural heritage places: areas with significant natural values.
Historic places: areas with significant historic values.
Business enablement places: places that offer tourism and economic opportunities.
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