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About the Institute
The Landscape Values and PPGIS Institute is a non-profit consortium of international researchers and planners interested in advancing knowledge about participatory mapping to improve land and marine planning and management. Landscape value and special place mapping is a method whose principles are grounded in sustainable land/marine use, environmental protection, meaningful public participation, and the inclusion of multiple values in decisionmaking. Landscape value and special place mapping is a type of public participation geographic information system or (PPGIS) used to support land/marine planning efforts at multiple scales ranging from local, to regional, to national scales.

Within this web site you will find numerous examples of applications, methods, and tools for mapping and analyzing landscape values, development preferences, activities, special places, and other spatial attributes. You will also find resources to help design and implement participatory mapping processes for a variety of planning applications. The maps below show the location of different participtory mapping studies and the network of Institute's collaborators. Click on a map marker for more information.

Study Locations (Click on marker) Network of Collaborators (Click on marker)

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08/28/19 Video recordings of participatory mapping webinar (4 sessions) hosted by California Polytechnic State University on August 1, 2019 (Click on session link)

Session 1 Effective public participation and participatory mapping systems

Session 2 Spatial data collection methods

Session 3 Spatial analysis methods

Session 4 Decision support

7/11/19 New publication describes how sampling design can influence spatial data quality in geographic citizen science

6/17/19 Keynote presentation (video) by Greg Brown at ISPM Conference, Espoo, Finland

6/13/19 New publication describes how to integrate data from participatory mapping to identify conservation opportunities

10/23/18 New publication identifies value distribution of local, domestic, and international tourists to protected areas

9/13/18 New publication describes and evaluates participatory mapping for citizen science in wildlife conservation

8/4/18 New publication describes NIMBY/YIMBY effects in land use planning/zoning from participatory mapping data

5/30/18 New publication describes how participatory mapping can assess urban park benefits in a large urban park system

5/14/18 New publication describes how participatory mapping can be used to inform general land use planning and zoning

4/10/18 New publication identifies key issues and research priorities for participatory mapping

4/4/18 New publication assesses local acceptance of protected areas in Norway using PPGIS

9/15/17 New publication shows how cultural ecosystem values are related to landscape features in the coastal zone

8/12/17 New publication shows how participatory mapping can be used to manage visitor conflict on multi-use trails

7/26/17 New publication analyzes PPGIS data by sampling group for marine spatial planning

7/25/17 New publication shows how PGIS can increase public participation for land use planning in Malaysia

6/7/17 New publication evaluates multiple methods for identifying land use conflict potential from participatory mapping data

5/9/17 New publication provides evidence that PGIS can increase public capacity for participation in land use planning

5/5/17 New publication extends research on identifying land use and natural resource conflict potential using participatory mapping data

4/21/17 New publication examines how social data from participatory mapping identify different priority areas for conservation than priorities based only on biological data

3/21/17 New publication examines distribution of cultural ecosystem values in coastal areas from participatory mapping

3/20/17 New publication describes how PGIS can bridge knowledge gap between experts and lay public for land use planning in Malaysia

12/27/16 New publication evaluates validity of qualitative and quantitative mapping methods

12/26/16 New publication demonstrates participatory mapping method for identifying conflict potenting in coastal/marine environment

12/25/16 New publication evaluates crowdsourced information (PPGIS,VGI) for assessing importance of protected areas

11/27/16 New publication demonstrates participatory mapping of coral reef conditions to inform future management

10/16/16 2017 International Conference to focus on particpatory mapping (PPGIS/PGIS/VGI) knowledge, applications, and future needs

08/15/16 New publication evaluates alternative methods for biophysical and cultural ecosystem services hotspot mapping from PPGIS data

07/15/16 New publication describes use of PPGIS for marine spatial planning

06/10/16 New publication describes use of PPGIS to identify and assess environmental justice associated with "blue space" in urban areas

06/08/16 New publication describes use of VGI (Instagram images) to identify cultural ecosystem services

05/18/16 New publication describes use of PPGIS for identifying tourism impacts in protected areas

03/29/16 New publication demonstrates spatial value transfer methods for cultural ecosystem services

12/30/15 New publication reviews sampling effects and response bias in internet participatory mapping

12/25/15 New publication shows how PPGIS supports Helsinki master urban plan

12/15/15 New publication applies PPGIS/VGI to stakeholder analysis for marine conservation

11/30/15 New publication shows participatory GIS for nature conservation with indigenous peoples

09/18/15 New publication examines cross-cultural differences in mapped values for protected areas in Norway and Poland

09/03/15 New publication examines relationship between land tenure and ecosystem services using PPGIS data

08/27/15 New publication uses PPGIS research to link urban structure with urban happiness and environmental quality

07/21/15 New publication describes associations of mapped ecosystem values with physical landscapes.

06/10/15 New publication describes how to engage crowd wisdom and public judgement for land use planning.

06/06/15 New publication describes methods for identifying social-ecological hotspots.

06/05/15 New study identifies landscape values in Namibia

06/04/15 New publications in review. Click to see them under "New Publications"

05/11/15 New article features PPGIS research for managing mountain biking in NSW, Australia

04/29/15 New PPGIS research identifies landscape values and development preferences for Darwin Harbor, Australia

03/26/15 New research report shows mapped values for coastal/marine planning in Australia

03/06/15 New publication provides method for identifying spatial stakeholder agreement for land management

02/21/15 Recent PPGIS research on landscape connectivity highlighted in article

01/13/15 Article describes how conservation values measured with PPGIS influence landscape connectivity

01/03/15 Article describes PPGIS method for measuring and mapping place attachment

12/31/14 Chapter describes landscape values in Prince William Sound, Alaska from two PPGIS studies

12/5/14 Article evaluates the quality of PPGIS data for conservation planning

10/25/14 Article reviews and evaluates participatory mapping for ecosystem services

06/25/14 Article on assessing public land values using PPGIS and social landsscape metrics

06/13/14 Technical report on public land values using PPGIS for the state of Victoria, Australia

03/17/14 Map viewer displays PPGIS public land values for the state of Victoria, Australia

12/14/13 Report uses PPGIS to help provide integrated assessment of forest resources in Wrangell, Alaska

12/11/13 Article describes how to identify land use conflict potential using PPGIS

11/05/13 Article describes key issues and research priorities for PPGIS

10/20/13 Article describes using PPGIS to assess national scenic values in the Netherlands

09/20/13 Article describes using PPGIS to measure physical activity and urban park benefits

07/23/13 Article describes how PPGIS participant values influence PPGIS mapping behavior

07/09/13 Published article examines energy development preferences using PPGIS

07/04/13 Article examines relationships between mapped landscape values and global land cover

06/25/13 Article describes participatory mapping with indigenous people of Suriname, South America

06/18/13 PPGIS used in community mapping for Lower Hunter Region in New South Wales, Australia. Click on link to visit the report website.

03/07/13 Publication describes the benefits of using PPGIS for urban studies. Click this link to see the article.

02/11/13 Landscape values are mapped in community workshops on Olympic Peninsula in Washington state (U.S.). Click this link to see overview of project.

10/12/12 Publication: Describes sampling effects (a cautionary tale) of using PPGIS vs. VGI. Click on this link to view the journal article.

10/10/12 Nora Fagerholm (now Dr. Fagerholm) and colleagues at the University of Turku (Finland) publish important work on identifying landscape services using PGIS. Click on this link to view the journal article.

04/07/12 Mapping indigenous peoples' landscape values.

02/07/12 Publication: The relationship between landscape values and physical landscapes. Click here or see menu on left

08/04/12 Publication: Social landscape values mapped for country of New Zealand. Click here or see menu on left

20/02/12 Publications uploaded to website. Click here or see menu on left

12/04/10 Wyoming PPGIS study report released (click to download)

04/19/10 PPGIS study in Wyoming maps landscape values/development preferences

03/22/10 PPGIS study identifies areas for river conservation

03/01/10 First PPGIS website to map ecosystem values and services

12/29/09 PGIS study maps social landscape values in Zanzibar, Africa

10/04/09 Peport on Using PPGIS to Map Park Visitor Experiences and Env. Impacts

8/03/09 Global Climate Change Mapping Project uses PPGIS

6/16/09 Publication describes PPGIS method for national forest planning in the U.S.

4/27/09 Report describes spatial mapping of community values for tourism and conservation planning for the Murray River in Australia

1/30/09 Web-based PPGIS study maps visitor experiences and environmental impacts in Australia

6/5/08 Report explores the relationship between landscape values and climate change risks with data using PPGIS

4/3/08 Case study: Using PPGIS to map special places for land use planning in Kittitas County, Washington (U.S.)

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