NSW North Coast Koala Study


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Welcome to the NSW North Coast Koala Study!

We need your help! This survey is part of a research project to identify where you see koalas in the North Coast region and to learn your preferences for future koala management and conservation. Multiple organisations are collaborating in this important research project. Your participation is important to provide information that will help determine the best places and actions to support koala conservation. This survey has two parts.

In the first part you will drag small icons onto a map of the NSW North Coast Region to mark where you have seen koalas, where you would like to see koalas in the future, and your preferences for future land use that may affect koala conservation. The second part is a simple questionnaire. Your knowledge and opinions will help us to identify options for koala management and conservation!

If you would like to view a YouTube tutorial on how to complete the survey, click HERE

The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Participants will be eligible for a major prize draw (a free resort stay or iPad Pro) at the conclusion of the survey in February 2018.

Please enter your access code (if you were provided one). If not, select "Request Access Code" button followed by the "Submit" button:

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This survey uses Google Maps and works best on a PC running Chrome, Explorer, Edge, or Firefox browser, or Mac with Safari browser. The survey does not work as well on tablets, and especially not mobile phones (too small).